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Spencer County Clerk

Lynn Hesselbrock

Motor Vehicles – Titling, Registration, Renewal

Please note:

The expiration on all vehicle and boat renewals has been extended until October 6, 2020.

We have a dropbox available for after-hours services. The directions for renewals are on the black drop off box located to the right of the double doors on the Courthouse at eye level.

Renewals can be done by mail, phone, online at www.drive.ky.gov, or in-person during current business hours.


Motor vehicle registration renewal is the most widely used service of the County Clerk’s office. When renewing your registration IN OUR OFFICE, please bring your previous registration and proof of insurance. Our office accepts cash, check, debit and credit cards. With debit and credit cards, there is an additional 2.75% fee that the vendor charges for this service.

You have two other options for renewal:

  1. By Mail: Mail your UNEXPIRED registration, proof of insurance, and check for payment to our mailing address (see below).
    Make sure to include an additional $2.00 for postage and handling. MAKE SURE YOUR ADDRESS IS CORRECT. THIS IS WHERE YOUR REGISTRATION WILL BE MAILED.
  2. ONLINE: You can renew your Unbridled Spirit or In God We Trust passenger plates HERE. **IF YOU HAVE ANY DELINQUENT MOTOR VEHICLE TAXES, OR IF YOUR REGISTRATION HAS EXPIRED, YOU MUST RENEW YOUR REGISTRATION IN THE COUNTY CLERK’S OFFICE. If you have any questions, you can get more information at mvl.ky.gov

Vehicles: You must have a valid title or certificate of origin to transfer a vehicle. Out-of-state titles also require a completed Application For Kentucky Certificate of Title or Registration (VTR form TC96-182). This form serves two purposes: It is an affidavit for sales price and inspection form for the sheriff. This form can be downloaded from this website [HERE] or picked up in the County Clerk’s office. You will also need a current Kentucky Proof of Insurance card for the vehicle. Our office needs a physical copy of this document. We cannot process it from a picture on your smart phone. If you do not provide proof of insurance, you can transfer the vehicle “TITLE ONLY”, meaning without registration or plates. It cannot be driven until proof of insurance and registration is processed in the county clerk’s office. All signatures must be notarized.

For additional information visit drive.ky.gov – An official website of the Commonwealth of Kentucky

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