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Candidate Filing FAQs

  • November 3rd, 2021 is the first day for candidates to affix signatures and file for ballot access for offices on the ballot in 2022. (Please note that your election law book does not have the correct date.)
  • If a candidate inquires about filing an intent to run for office prior to November 3, 2021, please have them contact the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance at (502) 573-2226.
  • All candidate filing forms were changed in April at the SBE meeting. You will notice the updated dates in the bottom left-hand corners.
  • You no longer request candidate filing forms from SBE or SOS. All candidate filing forms and packets can be obtained on the Secretary of State’s website. The county clerk and his/her deputies can print the forms for the candidates or the candidates can also print the forms themselves.
    • Go to the SOS website at www.sos.ky.gov.
    •  Choose the Elections tab.
    • Choose Candidate Filing Forms from the drop-down menu.
    • The prompts will walk you through the process and will choose the correct filing form for each office.
  • The ballot access filing forms are now fillable forms on the SOS website, however, the forms cannot be submitted online. The candidates can type information in the applicable boxes and print the form, but the candidate, the notary (where applicable), and the petitioners must still affix original signatures. The candidate would then file the form with the county clerk. It is not required that candidates type in the information. They can still fill them out by hand if they choose.
  • You no longer send a copy of the filing forms to SBE or SOS.
  • You must keep the original filing forms in accordance with your retention schedule.
  • Candidates must file their KREF 001 online, print off the form when it is emailed back to them from KREF, and file the copy with the county clerk. This form will not have a wet signature since the candidate is filing the form with you that has already been filed with KREF.
  • If the candidate brings you their Nominating Petition, Certificate of Nomination, Notification, and Declaration, or Declaration of Intent to be a Write-in Candidate but fails to provide you the KREF 001 form, you cannot deny the candidate ballot access due to the lack of KREF 001 form.
  • You are required to make a copy of the KREF 001 form and send it to KREF.
  • All filing deadlines can be found on your summary pages.
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